Will the Sault Tribe Board of Directors stop Tribal Members from hoarding Commercial Fishing Licenses?

February 27 2024 Special Tribal Board Meeting.  

The resolution brought forth in the February 27 Special Board Meeting was not passed but this meeting does provide information about Fishing Rights of Tribal Members that you may find helpful if interested in obtaining a Commercial Fishing License.  This Board Meeting also suggests immediate reforms in the Commercial Fishing Regulations and Policies are truly needed.          

Protecting Small Boat Captains Rights was discussed along with ending the policy that allows Fishers to hoard a Commercial Fishing License by paying the Tribe to renew the license, that they don't actually use. This behavior stops other members from obtaining a Commercial Fishing License because the Tribe regulates the number of commercial license issued.  

Another issue briefly mentioned is the fact that the Fishers are not required to sell the fish to the Tribe and Tribal Members before selling their fish on the open market. As a result the Tribe buys fish from Fishers in Wisconsin.  Nothing was mentioned that explains why Tribal Members are not guaranteed rights to buy fish using an Equatable Wholesale Pricing Policy before the fish are placed on the open market. That change in policy alone could increase income to the Fishers by providing a guaranteed market for a major portion of the fish which may in-turn allow them to charge more for the remaining fish on the open market or if desired end their need to sell on the open market.  

A policy that requires that the Tribe and Tribal Members have the first rights to purchase fish from our Fishers may motivate those that are paying the commercial license fee to renew a license they are not using to start using it because they know they can make a living no matter what the open market is doing. 

 Sault Tribe Special Board Meeting February 27 2024.  

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