Why we no longer want to identify as Indians. American Indians “identify” as First Nations Citizens.

February 18 2024.

We are American Indians that "identify" as First Nations Citizens.   

First Nations Citizens are the descendants of the people that lived in North America prior to others arriving. As a result of treaties negotiated with both the United States and Canadian Government to give up ownership rights to the majority of the land mass in these countries some of these descendants have legal rights others may not have. In the United States these people are currently referred to as members of American Indian Tribes, Indians, Alaska Natives, California Natives or Native Americans.  In Canada they are referred to as First Nations Citizens.  While others in both the U.S. and Canada are trying to pivot to the term indigenous and the company that owns this news service is named Native American Broadcasting Company......

 Everyone born on this Earth is indigenous to Earth.

Everyone born in North, Central, or South America are Native Americans.  

Referring to Tribal Members as American Indians requires dredging up a past that is best left to history classes and museums if we want to evolve and support Seven Generations Teachings. 

In our view the U.S. Department of Interior's office of  Indian Affairs  should be saved to identify the office that works with the country of India .    

It is up to Enrolled Tribal Members to lobby their leaders to end the use of the term "American Indian" in Washington D.C. and as part of their Tribe's Name.....