When we let them get away with not doing their job that’s on Us.

Tell the Tribal Board Members to work to attempt to fix the Bad Trip Advisor Reviews for the Kewadin Casinos that is most likely resulting in the loss of thousands if not millions of dollars of business revenue for the Tribal Members.  

We love our Employees. We are doing them a disservice when we ignore bad reviews and hope they go away.  As Customer Service Experts, we say no less than 4.9 stars is acceptable as a Trip Adviser Review.  We advocate that all reviews need to be addressed on-line good and bad by our Tribe. 

While we know bad reviews don’t go away because Trip Advisor makes money on bad reviews, they do give any business an opportunity to comment on reviews.  

We urge you to call your Board Member to volunteer to be the Trip Advisor Commentor, or a Volunteer to fix the actual problems which is what really needs to happen, because they are probably all out of control of the Front Desk Person taking the Heat.  Let’s help the Front Desk Staff.  They deserve it.   

Member Notes - We urge all Tribal Members to appreciate our Employees, vacation at Sault Tribe owned Resorts, enjoy our Casinos.  

Share your concerns and support privately unless you want to Volunteer to be a Trip Advisor Commentor.  We know we should not have that job, or we would volunteer to do it.  Just keep in mind as a Tribal Member we love our Customers.  We Love our Employees. We want them to love us back.