The Board Meeting Wrap Up

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May 17,2022 Meeting Wrap Up

Because we are currently attending the Board Meetings on Zoom with poor audio at our office and in the Board Room, we have to include the Disclaimer “We think this is what we heard”. 

The Board refused to justify the reason for Aaron Payments resignation and refused to make a motion to have a special election to replace Aaron Payment. – actually called the tribe to figure out what happened here.  

The results of the primary election for the board were announced on Tribal Board Members Facebook prior to being published on the tribe’s website.

The Board passed a resolution allowing the CFO to spend money without their oversight or signature.

The resolution to justify the spending of money on housing for Unit Two Members was amusing. To justify spending millions of COVID Funds on housing, they disparaged the Tribal Members living in Unit 2 stating their lifestyles as crowded and unhealthy as their legal justification to buy unspecified housing with unspecified plans immediately after they approved a resolution that allowed the CFO to spend your money with reduced oversite.

Red Flag Note - This happened a week after they threw out the resolution that they passed a week before that called for a vote for construction contracts oversight///?