The Tribal Board is lucky the Spiritual Leader did not hit them with that Feather.

Board Meeting Wrap Up.   7/19/22

A Special Meeting called by the Board of Directors for July 19, 2022.

This meeting was called after the Newly Elected Board Members were not allowed to discuss the plan going forward after they voted to suspend DJ Hoffman because of a Rules of Order for Board Meetings prevented them from doing so.  

At the Special Meeting on July 19, 2022, the Agenda did not get passed and the meeting ended abruptly. Apparently based on Facebook Gossip, DJ Hoffman was the one that abruptly ended the meeting, which opens up more questions than answers. The main question being how is it that a Suspended Tribal Chairman is attending a Tribal Board Meeting to start with much less have the authority to end a meeting.    

Before they ended the meeting a Spiritual Leader making the Presentation of Grandfathers blessed the Board Members.  As far as we can tell based on our view of the power dynamic in the room, they are lucky he did not smack every one of them with the feather he was using as part of his Blessings.  

The Agenda that was not approved was as follows:

Board Pension 

Chair v. Vice-Chair Duties and Obligations

Aaron Payment Resignation

Remaining Cares Act & ARPA Funds: All Units, Earmarked, and any Remaining Funds

 Kewadin Casino Improvements 

Elder Meal Funding

Pandemic Response: Emergency Order 

Traditional Medicine

Online Gaming Funds

Homeless Housing

June 20, 2022 Workshop