Welcome and Blessings sent to the New Board of Directors


Thank You to the new board of directors at the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians. You were chosen to replace the outdated and opinionated BOD that have frankly been in power for too many years. It is my hope that with the new BOD and the other new BOD members that will join you in 2 years that the secrecy and the lies that have been surrounding our Tribe will finally end!

It is my hope and that of many others that you will take your positions to answer questions from the Tribal Members.  We are hoping for transparency and truth, we know as adults that you can’t always get what you want, but instead of just saying no and you don’t have to answer to the body of people that makes up the tribal membership, the 3rd largest tribe this side of the Mississippi River keep us informed. Record the meetings so that those of us who are unable to attend the live meeting can watch that meeting and form our own opinions instead of having to look at the propaganda spread on Facebook.  Please make the recording of the meeting available to our Tribal Members. 

            There are many Members are tired of hearing that our questions don’t matter so therefore they went unanswered, and they (the old BOD) told us …and by that, I mean me and others that our questions would not be answered because they don’t have to answer to us. We were basically told to F off! I like many others want to know; how many attorneys does the board need? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars have we paid these attorneys? As was clear in the swearing in of DJ Hoffman as the acting Chairman, the attorneys feel like they can twist the law and the constitution of our Tribe to favor them.  It must stop!  The plan has to be to return to In-House Council.  Recent Law School Graduates needing to work off their student loans would better serve the Tribe than what we have now.      

            It is with great hope that I am going to support these new BOD members as well as the only two who stood up for us and said we should be counted taken into consideration, Betty, and Austin.

            Your first act as a unified BOD was a great way to start.  For those board members who had DJ Hoffman appointed we will remember, we will vote with that memory of the time you tried to pull a fast one on us! To the attorney that spoke for the existing BOD at the time and thought we as a tribe the people were stupid you need to go.

As always, I speak from the heart and the head


Red Headed Indian

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