Wake Up, Britney

Confidential Tribal Member Meetings

The Sault Tribe Guardian advocates for the creation of Bi-Annual Confidential Closed General Meetings for Tribal Members, hosted by the tribe, with the first goal being to work together to formulate and execute a plan that results in the tribe operating debt free, generating profits that can be paid to the Elder and Education Funds. 

The Second Purpose of the Bi-Annual Meetings is to provide Tribal Members a path to have questions answered from any Tribal Department as allowed in Article III of the By-Laws of the Constitution. 

We are willing to assist in the planning and execution of the meetings along with the Tribal Board Members and Tribal Staff from all Departments. 

We believe the Tribe needs Tribal Members help to get out of debt although they do not want to admit it. We ask that Members be willing to contribute to the growth of the Tribe with the goal to make a profit which will allow us to pay dividends to our members. We believe financial independence is one of the best ways to honor the sacrifice of previous generations and will help the tribe to honor the next 7 generations. 

The best analogy we can come up with is the “Free Britney Movement” where you are Britney…and guess what Britney, because your U.S. Government Appointed Guardian spent all your money and then signed up for credit in your name… sad news you are millions of dollars in debt. If you think the US Government will protect you… 

WAKE UP BRITNEY. You are Dreaming.

Luckily, you are not on the hook for the debt, but at the same time, you do not receive the Cash Dividends paid to members that are represented by profitable tribal business enterprises. 

As part of the proposal, we are willing to work with the Tribe to establish the agenda along with gathering Tribal Members Record Requests and Questions prior to the meeting with sufficient time provided to allow the staff to provide the written response to the questions and record request. We believe all Questions, Answers and Record Requests should be shared with any Tribal Member that registers to participate. 

As part of this proposed closed meeting, it will be required that to attend the meeting or request information you must agree to allow the Tribe to verify your tribal enrollment and agree to the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement including Penalties for violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement as determined by the governing board and members of the Tribe in general. 

Why do we propose you have to agree to the Terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement to attend the Meeting?

We propose non-disclosure agreements be executed because to reach the goal of being debt free and have profits to distribute we need to share information and ideas from all attendees confidentially. Our view is that as an Enrolled Tribal Member, you are a Stakeholder and as such you are technically an Owner of the Tribal Owned Business Enterprises therefore you should be expected to conduct yourself as such. 

Why Should you Attend or Support the Meeting?

Your Voice Matters.  Better Late than Never. Your Enrollment Number is counted for funding purposes in most instances regardless of the location of your residency.   

If you would like to add your name to a list of Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Tribal Members that support the creation of Confidential General Tribal Member Meetings, please send us your name, phone number that you can be reached at, and email address. Included in this proposal is the option to attend this meeting using Zoom or WebEx with verification that the Attendee(s) are Enrolled Tribal Members with executed Non-Disclosure Agreements including the ability to view a pre-recorded meeting. 

When sending your name, you are self-verifying you are an enrolled member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. One of our Sault Tribe Guardian Staff Members will verify your email and phone number to add your name on the Request List for the Bi-Annual General Meetings. If we cannot find Board Members to sponsor this in a resolution prior to the end of 2022, we will follow up with you asking that you sign a Petition for a Referendum to create a Bi-Annual General Meeting as allowed by the Tribal Constitution’s Rules in January 2023. We will not share your contact information with any parties other than as described. Your information will not be sold. 

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