It’s Time to add Women, Teens, and Elders to the Board of Sault Tribe Inc.

While we work to make the Tribe’s Board and Government honor what we the Tribal Members of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians approved in our Constitution By-Laws Article III which allows Tribal Members open access to all records what we do know is Sault Tribe Incorporated is stated to be a Holding Company to benefit the Tribal Members. If that is in fact true then we believe we need Teens, Women, and Tribal Elders living anywhere in the World willing to serve, paid the same as the current board members to be added to the Sault Tribe Incorporated Board of Directors to protect our interest.

By the Way? Do you know what we paying the Board Members of Sault Tribe Incorporated to represent our interest without our permission or input? As a Stakeholder when we ask these questions we are never saying they don’t deserve to be paid, but we deserve to know who and what is being paid down to the penny. With the bigger question when is the Tribal Members Dividend Check going to be issued? We are betting those partners listed on the website are getting paid income every month. We are only allowed to guess that those folks listed as Team Members get paid well above the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Household Average Income. In our opinion we don’t think they have any plan to do anything other than count your Enrollment Number to enrich themselves and their partners unless you demand more. Why do we say that? Because they would have been bragging it up during the election period if they had any plans to pay the actual True Stakeholders; You the Tribal Member.

Ask your Tribal Board to voluntarily set a date for a Confidential Tribal Meeting to share all information with our Members. Prove us wrong PLEASE. Are the Board Members of the Sault Tribe Incorporated donating their time?