Tribal Board Meeting Wrap Up.

December 20 2022.  Final Board Meeting of the year. 

The Tribe ended the year with the appointment of Tyler La Plaunt to serve as the Vice Chairman replacing Austin Lowes the newly elected Tribal Chairman. Isaac Mc Kechnie was appointed as Treasurer.  

A review of social media posts indicates that some of the board members elected prior to 2022 are in disagreement on most issues with the newly elected board and appear to feel defeated. While those posts are on the over dramatic side it does appear too much time and our money is being used launching arrows at past and present board members instead of focusing on more important issues of our economic growth and prosperity plans.  The Sault Tribe Guardian bias is that we believe the money for the audits the board approved could have been better used for other purposes such as fully funding the Youth Development Fund but on the upside the audit will make our tribe more transparent to our members and it will provide proof of needed accounting practices for future grant funding applications that may be available to fund the Youth Development Fund to serve all our Children.  

Most of us have no interest in serving on the board with the proof of that statement being the fact that the majority of members that could vote in 2022 in the Tribal Elections did not bother combined with the fact that the attendance at the Board Meetings is always less than .5% of Tribal Members even with easy access the meetings provided with a Zoom link.  We have or need no excuses it is just our daily life stopping us from participating.  
SO fellow Tribal Members at the very least we have to work together to make sure the environment is not toxic for those willing to serve on our Board while holding them accountable to reach our goals.   

To our Tribal Board and Staff  Miigwech   

Below are our favorite pictures of the U.P.  in the tribe's service area posted in December, 2022 on social media.