The Tribe Purchased 560 Acres on Sugar Island

December 12, 2022.  

December 12, 2022 is an Historic Day for our Tribe as the Tribal Board worked together to purchase 560 acres on Sugar Island, which includes 7,000 feet of shoreline on the St. Mary’s River increasing the land owned by the Tribe by an estimated 15%. This property will be deignated as a location for our Members to hunt, fish, gather, and practice their culture.   

The details about the grand opening and ability to access this property are still being worked out but it is a sign that the Tribal Board is starting to work as a Team.   

Make plans now to attend the first Pow Wow on the new Sugar Island Parcel because it will be something special for our Tribe and your family.    

Miigwech to everyone who helped make this possible.