The board passes a resolution to accept all Blue Stone Strategies recommendations but refuses to share those plans with members.

February 19, 2024 Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians Board Meeting.  

Meeting Highlights:

  •  The IT Departments for the 4 Divisions of the tribe was combined to allow them to work more efficiently.    
  • The board passed a resolution to accept all of Blue Stone Strategy's recommendations for changes in the health care system however they refused to share what those recommendations are with tribal members including board members prior to the vote. When board members believe this is the appropriate behavior they erode trust in the board and make it harder for Blue Stone to work with the staff to make the changes as a result of the lack of transparency.    
  • The behavior of some of the board once again supports the view that our tribe's board meetings should be behind a tribal member portal, however until that happens we will post the links to view the meetings.  

Sault Tribe Board of Directors Meeting February 19 2024 


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