Protect wolves from being hunted in Colorado.

March 26, 2023.  
U.S. Fish and Wildlife are hosting public meetings in Colorado about the reintroduction of wolves in the state.  A statewide vote was approved primarily by Voters living in the Denver area that says wolves have to be reintroduced in Colorado by the end of this year. Nicole Alt with US Fish and Wildlife has been leading meetings specifically about the 10J Rule, which would allow lethal management of wolves on state owned and Tribal lands.

Right now, lethal management is not allowed in Colorado when it comes to wolves. The penalty for killing a wolf could be up to $100,000, a year in jail, and a loss of all hunting privileges for life.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife is taking public comments on their website at Regulations.GOV through April 18, 2023.  

Supporters wishing to ensure wolves will not be hunted in Colorado need to make their voices heard during this public comment period.  It is expected ranchers and others that oppose the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado or any location in the United States will want a wolf hunting season as soon as possible.  

The majority of the Native American Tribal Members we have encountered were taught to only hunt for food, and to honor the animal by using as much of it as possible when we do harvest an animal.  

We don't eat wolves.  

On the other side wolfs don't stay where you reintroduced them.   Property Owners need some rights to protect themselves.    

This is another example of an important issue in Colorado being used as click bait by politicians instead of addressing the real issues. They leave government employees left to implement a plan that may be fear based, may or may-not follow the science, and most likely will not honor Native American Traditions.  

History indicates that both Native American Tribes and Wolf Packs were able to live in harmony prior to the introduction of Europeans to North America.