How is the New Tribal Board Doing?

October 9, 2022 .  

How is the new Tribal Board doing?  OTHER THAN apparently BEING MANIPULATED INTO PAYING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN LEGALS FEES for something we knew IT IS TOO SOON TO TELL.  

While the picture of the Supporters of the Tribal Board Members that lost the recent election can be placed in Webster’s Dictionary as the picture of the definition of Poor Losers and while they are going full out smear campaign on Facebook the truth is the newly elected Tribal Board Members have not had enough time to work on any new projects that can define their performance. That is because they have been dealing with the illegal appointment of DJ Hoffman by the outgoing board after the advice of our lawyers (we paid for) telling them the board they are required to do so followed by the board paying to create a few more resolutions only then to finally remove DJ from office (after paying more attorney fees).

The Special Election is NOT SO SPECIAL when you ask the true question to the entire board;

What is the legal bill for common sense?  

Currently the board is catching up with the Tribe’s Budgets and Tribal Business that needs immediate attention as a result of funds with spending deadlines and other issues related to the long-term effects of the COVID Pandemic including the lack of employees.  

The former board not  sharing the COVID Funds with all Tribal Members results in their need to hurry up and spend those funds before the Federal Government takes them back.  For example a business they wanted to buy in secret talks may or may not happen because a former tribal court judge is now an attorney representing the sellers in those negotiations wanted the tribe to waive immunity for the purchase contract only as long as it took to close on the business purchase.  That resolution did not pass the majority vote needed.  We may or may not have paid a large deposit on this deal, that fact about this deposit was disputed by Board Members with no answer provided.   SO...For all we know the sellers were just looking for a way to keep a big deposit on a business deal by throwing out a term they knew the tribe would not agree with.  Who knows other than that because apparently the CFO and some Board Members thinks they are not required to share the facts with the Tribal Members or even the entire Board before submitting this failed resolution to the Board for a vote.  

The fact is often Board Members both new and long-term are repeatedly being asked to vote on things without being provided all the facts they want and are being treated poorly when requesting more information on our behalf prior to voting.  Board Members must be comfortable asking additional questions and allowed all the time they need to make a decision prior to voting.  

The people running the meeting seem more interested in ending the meeting as soon as possible than taking the time to address questions being asked by them.  Simply changing the Board Meeting to occur during regular business hours may take care of this issue. It is not unreasonable to host meetings especially in the Winter anytime between 8a-3pm.  The attendance of these meetings by Tribal Members is currently very low, and is not enough to justify having the meetings at 5pm unless that is their plan which we don't believe is true, its more of a "That is the Way We Always Do It" type of thing.  

Our only advice for those looking for a dividend check that you are entitled to as a Stakeholder of any and all business enterprises owned by the Tribe is this: