Double Dog Dumb

The Wrap-Up from June 25 Tribal Board Meeting; 

Short Version - It was Double Dog Dumb.

The meeting was so outrageous we all need to take a beat. In our view the Resolution to appoint DJ Hoffman as the Tribal Chairman was nothing more than a Petty Behavior by a bunch of Bad-Losers on their way out the door. Only compounding their revolting behavior was when they hired a PR Firm to brag about their actions to the press. In our opinion the newly elected Tribal Board should pass a Resolution setting aside the Resolution to appoint DJ Hoffman and set the date for the Special Election needed to properly elect a Tribal Board Chairman.

Our options if the newly elected Tribal Board does not reverse the decision are that:

1. We won’t forget at the next election, and we simply replace the Board.

2. You can sign the Recall Petition already being circulated.

3. You can bring suite in the Tribal Court. Some Tribal Members are already looking into this.

Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians Court  

4. You can file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Inspector General by calling 202-514-3435 if you believe there has been a crime committed. 

Tribal Members need to remind the Tribal Board and their Attorneys they work for us not the other way around.

The Tribal Election Code is included. We have reviewed it and encourage you to review it too. CLICK HERE to view a file that can be downloaded and printed.

The Big Question “If it was not intended for us to be able to hold Special Elections why are there rules for the Special Elections”?

Our Elders that worked on our Election Rules knew what they were doing, they kept it simple to understand. In our view the Attorneys that recommended against the Tribal Special Election are only trying to protect their own interest. Another Bigger Question is how much are we paying the Attorneys and the PR Firm??