Do the Right Thing. Open the Rolls.

We support opening the Rolls to the Descendants that are being denied their rights to be Enrolled Members just because the Tribal Board arbitrarily decided to close the Rolls years ago.  We know of families that have the same Mother and Father of Enrolled Tribal Members. In fact, all of their siblings, their siblings’ children, and grandchildren are enrolled but the Tribe refuses to give them their Tribal Card. Why because years ago during Open Enrollment a mistake the Enrollment Office made with their enrollment records denied them their rights or paperwork submitted for membership by the Member was not complete or submitted in a timely manner.  Regardless of the reason, if you can prove that you should be enrolled there is NO EXCUSE that justifies denying Tribal Members their rights to be enrolled in the Tribe. Please ask your Tribal Board Members to do the right thing and vote to open the Rolls.  

Thank you.