Walleye Mercy Alerts

April 14, 2023.  Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.    

Weweni amwaadaanig ogaawag (Let’s eat walleye safely)!

Before you take to the lakes for spring ogaa (walleye) season, consult GLIFWC’s Mercury Maps to help you make informed decisions about safe fish consumption. Mercury Maps—updated in 2022—are available online and at tribal registration stations.

Spring spearing and netting are an integral part of Anishinaabe bimaadiziwin. But as with any species of fish, ogaawag contain mercury, a contaminant that can cause serious health problems. To limit exposure to mercury, choose lakes with lower mercury levels. Refer to GLIFWC’s Mercury Maps for the safe number of meals of ogaa per month you can safely enjoy for that lake. Ogaa less than 20 inches and fish species lower on the food chain like asaawe (yellow perch) tend to have lower levels of mercury.

For details on safe fish consumption and digital copies of GLIFWC.  

 Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission