Tribal Board improves Employee’s 401 K, no Employee Contributions needed.

November 1, 2022.  The Tribal Board taking the recommendation of the C.F.O. has agreed to change the 401K Policy to contribute 3% to an Employee's 401 K after one year of employment without requiring any contributions by the Employee.  The current 401 K plan requires that the Employee's Contribute a minimum of 1%.  Employees will still have the option of matching the contribution but it is not required.  The apparent goal is to attract new applications for the dozens of Tribe's Job Openings.  

We advocate allowing Tribal Elders and others that don't have reliable transportation to be allowed to use the Casino's Shuttle Service to get to work at our casinos when needed. We believe this would help fill jobs and help folks that need a break.  WIN WIN.    

Creating more part-time jobs with a flexible schedule may also help fill those jobs with Students and Elders.  

Creating a smoke-free work envirnoment in all our business locations therefore putting our Employee's Health ahead of Customers with the bad habits of smoking is also advocated. The effects of second-hand smoke is well documented.  

Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians Job Openings.