Sault Tribe Rolls scheduled to be open February 1 2024.

August 1, 2023.  The Sault Tribe Board votes to do the right thing and open the rolls.  Only two board members from Unit One and Unit Two voted against it. It appeared that Lana and Mike were against allowing more members that will most likely be from Unit Three to join the tribe.These Board Members may not be planning on running to be re-elected. or simply prefer that the Mackinac Ban start their own tribe.  There was no real explanation provided that justified their "no votes" other than discrimination against allowing new members not from their units to be enrolled.   

As part of this plan another resolution was passed to explore expanding the service area.  We expect that this research should include justification for adding Mackinac Island to the service area.  The Certificate below is an example of the proof needed to justify claiming Mackinac Island as part of our service area.  

Are the Savage Women are on their way home to claim their Island Home?