Sault Tribe purchases the Plaza Motel to be used for Transitional Housing for Members.

December 4, 2022.  

The Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians has closed on the purchase of the Plaza Motor Hotel at the 3901 1-75 Business Spur in Sault Ste Marie which will be used as a homeless and transitional housing for Tribal Members.   While they attempted to keep the details away from the Tribal Members as a “Secret Purchase” and negotiation with Anderson Enterprises, now that the property has closed the real question is why our Tribal Board believes they are justified to operate in “Secret”.   There is no justification for their secret meetings and behavior, this is an example of why Tribal Members don’t trust their board members or management team.  They breed a culture of non-trust when they attempt to hide their actions.  

The results does not justify the behavior.