Sault Tribe Board of Directors approve the purchase of U.P. Tire.

December 5, 2023.  The Tribal Board for the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians approved the purchase of U.P. Tire located in Sault Ste. Marie during the December 5 Board Meeting.  The purchase of this popular local business is scheduled to upon completion of the needed inspections of the building, estimated to close in early 2024.  This purchase will not only keep this local business owned by locals it may help our tribe save in auto expenses by providing additional access to whole sale prices for the tribe's fleet of cars, trucks and buses. 

Plans are being worked on which may result in Sault Tribe Employees having the option of purchasing tires from U.P. Tire with the payments due subtracted from their wages based on an approved payment plan agreed upon by both parties.  It is unclear if staff and tribal members will be offered discounts.  Also unclear is if the payment plans are going to be offered to the entire staff or just tribal members.  More information will be announced upon closing of the sale.  

This business has a great reputation known to offer outstanding customer service.  

 U.P. Tire