Prayer for our Aborted Spirits.

July 9, 2023.  

Prayer for our Aborted Spirits.  

When Women abort their Child they are saying to the Universe not today.  I am not ready to be a Mother to this Child today.  If you truly believe in Jehovah you know those Spirits are not lost, it is just not their time.  

We need to heal because all the energy used to fight about abortions needs to be put to better use.  

Our Prayer for the Mothers:

Today I am not equipped to raise a child.  Today I ask for your understanding. Today I send this beautiful Spirit to Parents ready and willing to provide them with all the love and support needed to flourish.  

May their Spirits be blessed as they grow together to serve Jehovah and Mother Earth.   




Disclaimers and Legal Notice: 

As an authentic source of news and information that serves Enrolled Tribal Members of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, the Sault Tribe Guardian includes a Spiritual Growth Section to respect our Tribe's Culture.  We hope we never lose a baby to abortion truly, but it is not our decision to make.  May this be a prayer of healing.