Is the next presidential election a chance for real change for Native Americans?

July 10, 2023

The question for all Presidential Candidates from Tribal Members is this.. If elected will you attempt to be as manipulative and condescending as the current administration appears to be?  

We consider the most blatant examples of the Joe Biden Administration manipulation in attempt to be seen as a hero to Native Americans are as follows:

1. Joe Biden appointed Deb Haaland to his Cabinet. His Press Team continues to use her heritage as an Enrolled Tribal Member as part of their "Dog and Pony Show" instead of honoring her own accomplishments which we hope made her the best person for the job. Their on-going press releases regarding her enrollment status with Biden being the hero of the show for appointing her may result in millions of voters never believing she earned her appointment based on her qualifications for the job.

2. Joe Biden's Office declared May 5 as “A Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women" instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

For the few that do may not be aware ....Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla Battle of Puebla in 1862, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza. This holiday is celebrated more in the U.S. than in Mexico and is the only way most people in the United States celebrate the contributions made by our Brothers and Sisters that have a Mexican Heritage.   

It appears to any independent free-thinker all the Biden Team wanted to accomplish when choosing the date of May 5 for this day of awareness is not to have press coverage on May 5 celebrating Cinco de Mayo associated with the Democratic Party because of the attention given to the illegal boarder crossings at the Mexican Border.    While many Tribal Boards went along with this declaration, Native American Women are not that dumb. We see through the bizhiki .  

A Sad Fact... the Kewadin Casino Staff was forced to wear red t-shirts honoring the missing and murdered women while hosting a Cinco de Mayo Celebration on the same day. Nothing starts a party like talking about the Native American Men not being punished for raping our children and women then making their bodies disappear as a party favor... Oops did the tribal state run federally funded media and the mainstream media forgot to mention that very high probability. Yes they did. Instead they joined the politicians to use our family’s pain for their grandstanding even going as far as creating TV entertainment programming featuring a fictional story pointing the finger at white men instead of sharing the likely truth that too many Native Men get away with rape and murder because the Federal Government does not provide funding to help solve these crimes, that most rapes of children and teens of Alaska Natives and Enrolled Tribal Members go unreported, along with the fact that many tribal governments are too prideful and arrogant to admit some of their men are child molesters, rapists, and get away with murder by hiding their victims’ bodies on the reservations.

While we are watching the Republican Party Candidates fight it out we predict if Bidden is on the ballot chances are he will lose. Some of those that elected Joe Bidden now believe he may have cognitive impairments and that he appears to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for some untold puppet masters may insist Big Bob Jr. be placed on the primary ballot. The press release below indicates he is raising funds needed to take on the opponents.  

LOS ANGELES, CA—JULY 6, 2023—Team Kennedy, the Presidential Campaign of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., announced today a campaign milestone: It gathered an average of $1 million a day for the last three days of the fundraising quarter, ending June 30.

Dennis J. Kucinich, Team Kennedy campaign manager, attributed the strong showing to "the public's support for a courageous, authentic truth-teller. We are hearing again and again that Mr. Kennedy is catching on because the public is fed up with the media smears. People are answering the attacks by opening up their wallets. RFK, Jr. has shown respect for the intelligence of the American people. The more people hear his message, the more he connects."

Team Kennedy's second quarter report to the Federal Elections Commission will show the campaign raised in excess of $6 million overall, with approximately $3 million cash on hand.