Kewadian Casinos 2024 Summer Season looks promising. Employees deserve Pay Raises.

June 25 2024.  The Kewadian Casinos Summer Business looks promising with plenty of promotions lined up for all 5 locations, including celebrating milestones like the 30th Anniversary at the Hessel Casino, the uplift in Sault Ste Marie nearing completion and the partnership with Caesars Sportsbook may help grow market share.

The 2023 Michigan Tribal Gaming Report lists the Kewadian Casinos in the middle of the pack when compared to other First Nations Casinos in Michigan.  This ranking has been consistent for several years but the Casino's Team appears to be on track to move to the top of the list in 2024. But of course to reach the top they will need to make improvements at all five locations not just the the Sault Ste Marie location and they also need to work on Employee Morale. The non-competitive low pay drives people out the door to work for other casinos. For example reports that the average Casino Shift Manager salary in the United States is $79,730 as of May 28, 2024, but the range typically falls between $65,534 and $123,635. The job listing for a Shift Manger III in the Christmas Casino posted this month lists the pay starting at $20.887 per hour and requires a minimum of 5 years of a supervisory experience in casino operations.

The board spends millions on legal fees to fight for a casino in a location they are not legally entitled to have a casino but can't pay our team members competitive wages? Pure Nonsense in our view.

Kewadian Casino Employees deserve living wages not trinkets at some employee appreciation party especially when compared to what the CEO earns.

Tell your Board Member to stop the brain drain by raising the pay for all the Kewadian Casinos Employees. If we want to earn profits our staff needs to be the best in the state at a minimum,ideally we want the best staff in the United States. Pay Raises shows we appreciate our current employees and may bring our Tribal Members home instead of training them to work out of state.