Its time to see whats Judge Jocelyn’s got to say

August 9, 2022 - Tribal Board Wrap Up Report Item One.    

The Election Committee supports and wants to hold a Special Election to fill the post of Tribal Chairman.    

With total disrespect shown to the Election Committee and to the Tribal Members desire to hold a Special Election to elect our Chairman, the Suspended Chairman DJ Hoffman, his Cronies on the Board, and the Attorney that is leaning into the fact that if DJ goes so does he stopped that from happening this week. Their behavior can best be described as a combination of the Bullies on the Playground and Kim Jung Ung in our humble opinion.  More lawyer-splaning than one person can stand.  They need to get it through their egos that the people that wrote the Tribe's Constitution and the By-Laws of the Constitution knew exactly what they were doing. They were keeping it simple and easy to understand. They were representing our rights.  Instead some of these Board Members admitted, though it appeared they did so by accident, that they are holding more private meetings to attempt to change the By-Laws and the Constitution to support their claims DJ should be allowed to hold the office of Tribal Chairman.   

In our view if we want to elect a Chairman with a Special Election the next steps is to forget about the Board protecting your rights. The Election Committee or Tribal Members that are Registered Voters for Tribal Elections that want to make sure we have a Special Election will have to file a Civil Case in Tribal Court to make that happen. It would be best handled by the Election Committee. However if Tribal Members do want to file a Civil Case in Tribal Court to have your rights protected you should be able to file Pro SA which means without an attorney. The Clerk may be able to help you fill out the basic paperwork but cannot advise you on your legal rights nor can we.  We simply reviewed the information on the Tribe’s website about the Courts to arrive at that observation.

Of Course those Board Members that don’t want to hold a Special Election will attempt to use our money to pay attorneys to fight your rights to hold an Election. If you’re lucky the Board will vote down their resolution to revise the budget to pay for that just like they voted down the resolution to provide the money to investigate Election Fraud today after they passed a resolution to investigate Election Fraud and DJ at the meetings in July, is what we think we heard. The Audio on Zoom fades out every time they do something that appears to be totally outrageous.  

Watching this Shit Show the unanswered questions are many but the biggest one is why doesn’t DJ just run for office if he wants to be Chairman?

(For our Children reading this a "Shit Show" is when Adults should act like Adults but they don't and they will never admit their wrong even though those watching the Show can see right through their Shit.)   

For more information about filing in Tribal Civil Court to ask for a Court Order to hold a Special Election call the Clerk for Chief Judge Hon. Jocelyn K. Fabry (P67806)

Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa Tribal Court
2175 Shunk Road
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

Telephone: (906) 635-4963 or the Election Committee.

The manner in which the Election Committee was treated today was not acceptable. It is their job to handle our Elections. The entire board should issue a Formal Apology to the Election Committee for their lack of respect shown to them today.  We appreciate all the work the Election Committee does to protect our rights. 

Bottom line we want to elect our Chairman.  End of Story.