Is the US Government and the Media trying to convince you their Reckless Behavior that causes Massive Anxiety can be cured by calling 988?

988 is the new phone number rolled out by the US Government to help folks in a mental health crisis. Is the Government and the national media trying to convince the US Citizens their reckless behavior that causes massive anxiety can be cured by calling 988?  We do not think American Indians are stupid enough to believe they started 988 for our benefit. In our opinion they just did it to shut up the "De-fund the Police" Movement. While they try to blame your depression and feelings of helplessness on you, it may not be you.  It is definitely them.  

Less Talk and more Walk.

Walk with Mother Earth. Walk for your Health.

Walk away from the chatter that makes you feel hopeless.

Walk away from the people that tell you because you are an American Indian you are “Disadvantaged”.  

TRUTH. You are here on this earth to serve Mother Earth but to do that you have to take care of yourself.  We advocate that you take care of your mental, spiritual, and physical health. While calling 988 is not going to fix what’s wrong in your life, if in a moment of crisis it gives you a chance to stop that reel playing in your head telling you to do something stupid just take a breath and call. Of course it is a US Government program so expect you may be placed on hold at the most inappropriate time and even after being on hold they may have a Savior Complex that you will have to overlook. So what. Maybe not. Maybe you get someone that can help.  Hang on the line. Call back when needed.          

If Calling 988 can stop you from doing something stupid 

you can’t take back

Please call 988