Book Review. The Wisdom of Morrie.

May 1, 2023.  With Summer Vacation Season almost here we decided to start a book review, to encourage you to visit your local library.  

Our first book review is a book we encourage you to check out from your local library and is worth buying.  Though it is written for older adults many folks starting in their 30's are obsessed with staying young and can benefit from reading this book too.   

"The Wisdom of Morrie"  Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully, by Morrie Schwartz edited by Rob Schwartz is the perfect book to read in the airport, sitting by the pool, relaxing at the camp site, or best yet on the beach, along with keeping it handy for daily inspiration. 

One of the passages to inspire a new way of thinking is found on page 145.

" By coming to terms with our own ageism, we may learn how to accept ourselves, approve of ourselves, and even love ourselves as aging persons....Once we have come to that positive regard for ourselves, it might be easier to challenge age-casting and ageism wherever they appear."