White Indians



Thank you for joining me today, I am going to go over a subject that while it should not be a problem, unfortunately is a problem for quite a few Natives including members of our own tribe. The problem I am talking about is the “White Indians.” This is such a derogatory term to use against members of all tribes that do not have as much melanin in their skin as others do. Why is this such a problem for other tribal members that have darker skin tones and more prominent features associated with being Native Americans? The only way to make sure that the blood lines are “pure” as the purest say is for Tribal Members to marry within their own tribes , now I do not know about you, but I am not interested in marrying my cousin’s 1st, 2nd,or 3rd or whatever! While I am not full blooded (again it should not make a difference) I am ½ Chippewa and French and Cherokee // Cherokee and Cajun French on my mother’s side and from my dad , French Canadian and Chippewa . And before someone asks no there were no princesses in our family another insult that is thrown around to frequently. Do not get me wrong if someone says they have a princess in their family have at it, we all know there were not any princesses or any royalty in our clans, so they opened themselves up for ridicule! However, when it comes to Native Americans throwing the term “White Indians” your ignorance is showing and frankly you need to stop watching old Cowboy and Indian movies and shows. Tribe’s today are more diverse than they were even 10 or 20 years ago. Most tribes have a mixture of people in their population, Native Americans, African American, Asian Americans, and yes Caucasians. They should be judged by what is in their hearts and by their character, not by the color of their skin, hair, or eyes. By judging fellow Natives by anything else is frankly ridiculous! When a person claims they are Native, and they do not look like the media portrayed Natives, then you are wrong, plain, and simple. When a tribal member goes to IHS, they should get the same level of care and respect afforded to those who have more melanin, the parents of babies, that take their child in for shots and for care in general should not have to listen to the snide remarks of the staff or of the tribal members. Frankly its over the top disrespectful and it’s degrading not only to the “White Indian” but to the Elders, and to the Tribe in general, anyone that makes derogatory remarks, you are showing your lack of common courtesy and knowledge, you’re showing everyone that you have no respect for anyone that doesn’t look like you. Question, are you this ignorant to all other races? Or just to your own people? I have spoken to several people that tell me they hate going into the IHS offices or to functions of the Tribe, because they hear the remarks, and they do not want to expose their children or themselves to that type of ridicule and plainly racial bias. Can you tell me what a baby, child, Elder, or any Native adult has done to you, that you feel the right , justification and need to lash out at them and judge them by the color of their skin? What never ceases to amaze me is that these same people throwing the insults and making stupid remarks like “our funding is going to them and that’s why we don’t get anything anymore” are the first to hold up their hand and scream, I was the subject of racism, they were racist against me because of the color of my skin , really! Really!

You cannot have it both ways Bucky. Act like an adult and GROW UP !


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