Was the Sault Tribe Chairman Aaron Payment forced to resign?

January 14, 2024.  

On the evening on December 19, 2023 Aaron Payment posted on Facebook:  

“I was NOT removed from office.

There are NO pending civil or criminal charges that would preclude me from running for office again.

I do not intend to ever run for Chair again unless for some unknown reason Chairperson Lowes decides not to run. In my opinion, he is doing a good job and I support his role as Chair.

I have never been criminally or civilly charged with anything.

While the old Board directed a so-called investigation it was NOT done by an attorney law firm, a prosecutor, or any legal authority.

The results of the investigation are sealed by the tribe, but I can tell you, I have not been charged with any wrongdoing. Further, I have never entered any agreement to not be prosecuted. But again, I have not been charged nor do I expect to ever be charged for anything.

If I had not resigned and had I faced removal for illegitimate allegations and was removed for political reasons tantamount to a coup, I would have lost my pension. I have only 7 years outside of tribal employment and until recently, elected tribal leaders could not participate in social security.

Without a separation of powers, I would have been able to be removed and have zero recourse or due process of law. Thus, the old Board could have simply removed me. I firmly believe that would have happened.

But, again, there is no constitutional or code prohibition to prevent me from running for the Board. I would never agree nor condone such a prohibition as it would violate our tribal constitution.

I’m not saying I plan to run for anything. ".......... 

We requested the Tribal Board respond to the allegations made by Aaron:

The Official Response from the Tribe;Thank you for your question submitted on 01/02/2024 where you asked “Did the Board of Directors threaten Aaron Payment with the loss of his pension if he did not resign”? Unfortunately, the tribal administration does not answer questions that are political, confidential in nature or have potential legal ramifications. Your questions fall into such a category and therefore no response beyond this communication will be forthcoming. “   

As Tribal Members we need to ask ourselves " Is this another example of a Constitutional Violation of Article III By-Laws Section 1, along with being a violation of our Election Code? "  

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