February 12, 2024. 

*****The GRIZZLY BEAR Story*****.

A long time ago, the Crow Indians attacked a Cheyenne Camp. A woman escaped with her Baby and ran and ran from the Crow Indians who started hunting her and her baby. She ran all night and day and then all night again. She began to tire and fear for her life and her baby’s life. Then, she noticed a big Grizzly Bear following her. A Grizzly is a precise killer, and he followed her exact footsteps. Step by step, he followed her and followed her.

This Cheyenne Woman began to cry and in her heart she knew that if the Crow Hunting Party didn’t get her, that the Grizzly Bear would surely kill her and her baby. She then started to run again, all night and all day and into the next night. The Grizzly Bear kept following her the entire time matching her every footstep. In her heart, she knew she could never escape him. He stayed right on her trail, step by step by step. Finally, she tired-out and fell into the deep snow.

Holding firmly onto her baby, she cried and begged the Grizzly Bear to not harm her or her baby. The Grizzly Bear finally spoke, "DO NOT BE AFRAID CHEYENNE WOMAN, THE CROW INDIANS WILL NOT FIND YOU OR YOUR BABY. I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU AND COVERING YOUR TRACKS THE ENTIRE TIME WITH MY BEAR TRACKS.”

MATO OYATE LILA WAKAN....(Bear Family is very HOLY).