Take a Social Media Vacation.

June 11, 2023.  Take a Vacation this Summer from Social Media for your Health.

If you are going to participate in social media you cannot ever be disappointed if you do not get the desired reaction to a post.  When you have the real need to have reactions to your Social Media Posts or count your followers that may be an indicator it is time to take a Vacation from Social Media.

In truth people do not react to everything they read on Social Media for many reasons that they don’t have to share with you. Remember Social Media is designed to set you up to want likes and followers for their financial benefits.  That is part of their business model.  Some may conclude that making you depressed or manic is how they make money.  That reasoning in part is what is behind some state governments acting against Social Media to protect children under the age of 18 from their business practices.  

Are we against Social Media?  No we are not against Social Media.  We have connected with great people that we would never have met including family members as a result of connecting on Social Media. We keep up with our family using Social Media. What we are saying is know when it is time to take a break, you are not missing anything if you take a Vacation from Social Media.  

Needing to be liked or followed on Social Media is a real mental health problem.  

Like many of our favorite things use Social Media in moderation or not at all for your health.