Line 5 and the Great Lakes Tunnel P.R. Battle.

November 26, 2023.  While the Tribes and the State of Michigan argue in Court to protect the Great Lakes from an Environmental Disaster they fear could result if they do not stop the Straits of Mackinac Line Five Tunnel, Enbridge and Republican leaning politicians in Michigan are attempting to win over the public to their side with a social media, newspaper, and digital advertising campaign.   

Compromise is nowhere to be seen.  What we don't know is this:

If Michigan wants the route changed are they willing to pay the extra costs?  

Is Enbridge willing to change the route if they do pay the extra costs?

Or do both sides just want to win.

It is of course a "Not in my Backyard" project, but Common Sense is when both sides understand the immediate need to come together to find a solution instead of insisting they are entitled to their way.    

There is a solution that does not put the Great Lakes at risk of an Environmental Disaster and protects Enbridge's Investment.  

The tactic of attempts to manipulate others into taking your side is not the solution. The majority of Tribal Members can see through the P.R. Campaigns and Politicians on both sides.

Lets hope they come to the table and work this out because the only folks winning today are the attorneys getting paid to fight in court and the local newspapers receiving the advertising dollars.  

Picture from Social Media Public Post March 8 2023