DJ Hoffman is a distraction our tribe does not deserve.

September 6, 2022.  Tribal Board Meeting Wrap-Up.  

The fight to remove DJ Hoffman from office continues with another resolution passed to fund an appointment of an independent investigator. We can't follow why they need another investigator when they passed similar resolutions at the last two meetings.  When we have  access to the resolutions we will provide them.

A new resolution was passed to make sure the General Council is required to provide all Tribal Board Members the same information.  The unanswered question is why they have to pass a resolution for this.   Of course, we would expect that all Tribal Board Members are provided the exact same information. Clearly that was not happening.  Tribal Members are expected to fill in the details of why this resolution is needed.  Also left to fill in the details is why a volunteer that applied to be on the Election Committee was not approved.  No real explanation was put on record we just heard the fight when the pro DJ side of the board tried to get all volunteers for committees approved in one vote verse approving them one person at a time because it was obvious they knew this person was not going to be approved.  

The takeaway is the appointment of DJ Hoffman as the Tribal Chairman is a continued expense and distraction our tribe does not deserve.  We are not for or against DJ Hoffman but if he wants to be our Tribal Chairman he should be willing to run for office in a special election.