Before you vote ask why the Special Election Board Meeting on May 29 contesting the Primary Election is not on their Meta Page AND what are they doing to represent the majority of the tribe.

June 2 2024.  

While we are waiting for the fog to clear from the primary election, and regardless of who you voted for in the primary this is the opportunity for members to be asking to see the video recording of the Election Commission Meeting held on May 29 before you vote in the Tribal Board Election in June.  You may agree after watching it with those that believe a new primary should be held. We could not find it on the Tribe's META Page.   If they decide to post it we will update this report with the video.      

For At-Large Members which we define as those living outside the seven county service area ..the questions they need to ask are......

1. When will At-Large Members be allowed to vote for an "At-Large Representative?

2. When will the tribal members that did not receive the first round of COVID Relief Funds be issued a back-pay benefit equal to the amount others received?  Our view is if there are funds to buy a cemetery, pay over a million dollars to a health care consultant, hire more attorneys, and build health clubs they can find the money to treat all members equally by paying all tribal members that did not receive the First- Round of COVID Relief Payments retroactively.    

Before you vote ask the tribe to show you where is the money the tribe receives is spent.  Our Constitution By-Laws Article III - Tribal Records  Section 1 states  "All books, records, and financial accounts of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, including the tribal roll, shall be open to inspection by tribal members upon reasonable request to the board of directors."  

Review these records before you vote....

Provided by *Chloe Kannan the contacts at the BIA to file a complaint if they refuse to honor the Constitution and provide those records for review are,, and  

*These contacts have not yet been verified by The Sault Tribe Guardian. The BIA Contacts were listed on a Facebook Post to ask that you join those protesting the 2024 Primary Election and file a complaint.    *Chloe Kannan for Sault Tribe Board of Directors-Unit 1 .   

Ballots for the Tribal Board Election are being mailed this week.